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About Us

I moved to Young from Phoenix for 2 reasons, primarily: to raise my children in a country environment, and to live a slower pace of life in a 4-season per year climate where I could garden and enjoy the national forest.

I left a career in nutrition in 1991, having taught at ASU and done research on a by-product of the artificial sweetener, Aspartame (trade name, NutriSweet), to start my real estate business. I served as an officer in the PTA and attended Parent Advisory Council meeting while my children were attending Young Public School. I participated in the Gila County Master Plan revision process during 2001 and 2002. From June 2006 through March 2011 I enjoyed the opportunity to share the sentiments of our residents regarding zoning and development while serving as a Gila County Planning and Zoning Commissioner.  It’s rewarding to have donated both time and charitable contributions to most of our local non-profit organizations.  Today I volunteer as Treasurer for the Young Cemetery Board and as President of the Gila County Master Gardener Association.

My love for gardening caused me to meet our County Cooperative Extension Agent in 2007.  In 2008 I started an informal, local gardening club. Every growing season, property owners take turns hosting tours of their vegetable gardens, landscaping projects, and orchards to share their ideas and encourage their neighbors. In 2009, we registered 43 local gardeners for the University of Arizona’s Master Gardener course which was taught for the first time in Young. Later that year we officially formed the Gila County Master Gardener Association. I still faithfully attend the Arizona Highlands Garden Conference and help put together other educational events for backyard gardeners.

I believe that real estate is a very sound, stable, long-term financial investment and that the quality of your food and the lifestyle you live are key to maintaining good health.  If you have your health, all opportunities are yours. Living in Pleasant Valley allows me to live a self-sufficient lifestyle that’s good for me on property that I believe will sustain me financially into the future.

Having been a broker since 1995, I started my 24th year in real estate as the owner of my own brokerage firm. I chose to include the word “Partners” in my company name as I work closely with sellers to make their properties salable, market them widely, and facilitate successful transactions.  I also work side-by-side with buyers to help them find the properties that will best fit their needs and wants. Over the years I have been fortunate to have dedicated office assistants who partnered with me to provide the best possible service for my clients and customers. Other experts assist me in providing top quality marketing services. Contact me today to learn how this partnership philosophy can help you achieve your real estate-related goals!