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Thanks for your interest in Young, AZ – historically referred to as Pleasant Valley since it was discovered in the late 1860’s by cattle ranchers from Texas. If you daydream about an "old west" lifestyle of grazing animals on your land, growing some of the food you enjoy, really knowing your neighbors, and being able to depend on their help from time to time, then Pleasant Valley may be the place you would like to call home, too. Still the only large community in Gila County that is not zoned, there is minimal governmental intervention here.

When it was discovered Young had springs bubbling through its fertile soil and grass growing waste high. Today, we can still boast about an abundant, clean water supply, with no governmentally-imposed limitations on its use. There are still active cow-calf ranching operations. Many of us harvest fruit from our orchards, grape vines, and berry shrubs in addition to growing vegetables in the back yard.

  • Pleasant Valley Community Center
    Pleasant Valley Community Center

If you love Arizona, but can’t live in a desert environment, consider Young with it’s 4-season a year climate. In the dry summer months the temperature swings dramatically — 40, 45, sometimes 50 degrees between the day time high and night time low. Late in the summer, the "monsoon season" rains give us even more relief from the heat. Winters are mild, here, with stretches of warm, sunny days between storms.

Young boasts an "old west" character where you will still see cattle being driven across the adjoining forest service land, or maybe being pushed down the highway in the middle of town! We host a huge team roping competition the 3rd weekend of every summer during Pleasant Valley Days.  Children in Young still participate in FFA and 4-H, raising livestock to show and sell at the Gila County Fair auctions. Join us in September for the oldest Gila County Fair, which takes place in the Pleasant Valley Community Center. You’ll be amazed by the talent of our residents. Young was also home to the Pleasant Valley War which took place here from 1887 – 1892, and (believe it or not) was a bloodier feud between 2 families  — the Grahams and the Tewksburys – than the more popular Hatfield and McCoy feud. Our Pleasant Valley Historical Society is a great resource for more information if you are a history buff.

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